Cultivating a New Humanism

In 2019, it will host "Take Care of Your Garden. Cultivating a New Humanism" a program that consists of a series of exhibitions, talks, performances, video projections, and outdoor site-specific installations, in collaboration with several local and international partners. 


GAD - Beyond Giudecca is a program that aims to expand the spaces of the circuit by opening various collaborations with cultural centers, foundations, institutions, and places which represent the artistic heritage of Venice and creating a link between the island and the other parts of the city and the rest of the world. 

GAD already started several collaborations with 

places of Venice’s cultural heritage, such as Chiesa delle Zitelle and Scala Contarini del Bovolo.





GAD is going to host a series of events and projects in collaboration with independent curators, art galleries and museums all around the world.  

The aim of the GAD is to provide a contemporary art experience that generates connections building a permanent contemporary art quarter far from the clamor of the mass tourism in Venice.

GAD is an open and collaborative reality which aim to constantly establish new connections between Giudecca Island, the city of Venice and the rest of the world.

External proposals and projects are therefore always welcome. GAD will select the projects that are close to its curatorial line and it will help in their realization and promotion. 


The program of artists in residence is an annual event that from 2020 will be declined in the form of Open Call. GAD is acting as a facilitator for talented young and mid-career international artists that want to experience Venice behind the clamor of the art biennial, helping in improving their network and  building new connections.   

The first artists in residence in GAD are Florencia San Martin Bruck and Javier Krasuk. Both the artists had a solo show in GAD Gallery: "Florencia Florencia Bruck. Tensions and Interludes" and "Javier Krasuk. Tonal Journey". In addition to that, both the artists have been included in the group show Pavilion 02 curated by Tomasz Wendland and Harro Schmidt that will be featured during the next Venice Biennale. 

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